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Why Trump Is A Real Business Guru and May Is…

Written by Manny Sinder

Before reading this article, it would be beneficial for the reader to first read the article Open Borders Mean Lower Salaries first, as this article touches on the points raised in that article.

It is no secret that Donald Trump is a successful businessman and that he has openly arranged a cabinet consisting of many former directors from the corporate / business world.

As any established businessman would do, Trump has set out to renegotiate the contracts signed by many of his predecessors which engage the USA into unproductive and non-cost effective transactions. He has furthered his credibility by withdrawing any understanding with potential refugees and immigrants that the USA is a cash cow for them to utilise in the detriment of its own citizens, who have endured a much lower standard of living due to lower salaries and tax money being directed to un-American needs over the decades.

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister on the other hand has less business acumen than all her predecessors put together and they themselves were pretty appalling to say the least.

May, an advocate of the unelected and non-democratic European Dictatorial Super state is herself an unelected Prime Minister and laughingly heading the Brexit Bus through the most ridiculous journey any of us ever imagined. As she steer’s Britain towards what can only be described as a slow train crash, more and more immigrants are bursting through the gates and turning Britain into anything but a British country.

Why are you surprised? May is a known supporter of foreign rules of law including Sharia Law; she was quoted in the Express Newspaper as saying Britons ‘Benefit Greatly’ learn from Sharia Law. Since she and other high earning famous people live in their middle class towns and suburban paradises which escape the issues created by multiculturalism, it is easy for them to stand on the same side of the line as those who benefit the most from such resettlements of such large groups; it is the regular British tax payer who has to endure the non-cultural compatibility of such ridiculous policies, while enduring lower standards of living because of the issues these policies create.

Lower salaries and higher house prices may be a rosy outcome for some now but many have forgotten that we are living in a temporary zero (or below zero in Europe) interest rates era which of course will have to end and the rates will have to go up (and are already starting to go up). When those mortgages which looked affordable a few years ago start to rise while the salaries of those who pay them stay low due to a larger labour force being available thanks to the open boarder policies, who do you think will be to blame?

Higher mortgages due to higher interest rates is likely to have a knock on effect on the cost of living in other other areas including food. We have already started to see a rise in food cost in conjunction with the rising interest rates because many food and beverage businesses operate with capital borrowed from the banks.

Of course when the ‘unavoidable’ does hit the fan, like Brexit did for David Cameron, the likes of May will be replaced by her puppet masters with a new puppet who will take her place in trying to sell a very avoidable hell as unavoidable heaven.

May should take a leaf out of Trumps book and start working for British people otherwise her and many other British politicians can and should be held accountable for their incompetence in a criminal manner. After all, it is regarded as treason to destroy the constitution and stand opposed to the nations interest and May is doing exactly that in my view.

Creating jobs and creating wealth (for yourself and others) is a skill which good business men and women possess and it is a skill which not many career politicians can understand because they are so used to living off tax payers money. Being able to run a economy which makes everybody better off and not just the super rich is not a job for politicians but for honest, reliable and non-corruptable business professionals.

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