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Top Trends For 2018

Written by Manny Sinder
These are the top trends we see possibly emerging in 2018.
  • Marijuana stocks in the USA climbing as much as hundreds of percent.
  • Correction in the credit market is on the cards. Areas of concern in various countries are car finance, credit loans and mortgages.
  • Bitcoin related bankruptcies to emerge worldwide.
  • Major corporations to announce launch of their own cryptocurrencies.
  • Inflation to reach new highs in the EU, UK and USA.
  • Property prices to drop in the EU and UK (and maybe California).
  • Apple share price to drop unless a new game changing product is revealed.
  • UK supermarkets to report reduced turnover figures.
  • India to lower their interest rates in attempt to kick start the housing market and their waning economy.
  • Shares in water bottling companies to rise worldwide.
  • Price of Gold and Silver to rise in 2018.

More informtion shall be posting on these in weeks to come.


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