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Super Sonic Sinder – Automatic Trading System

Automatic Trading System
Written by Manny Sinder

The team behind the Sinder Trading Academy have created an Automatic Trading System called Super Sonic Sinder for anyone interested in making money from the markets in a concise and calculated manner and with minimum risk and without paying expensive broker fees.


How good is it?

Since its launch on 13th June 2016, the system has accumulated a massive 1462.00 pips. Depending on the size of trading bets, those who have used the system since its launch are sitting on ‘at least’ +44.97% profit (figures from 05.07.2015).

Is it suitable for you?

If you ever wanted to make money from the markets but did not have the time to invest in learning how to trade then this product is ideal for your requirements.

You may already be making money from the markets but are paying high broker fees and would like to keep all your own profit, if so, this product is suitable to you.

Even if you are a savvy and experienced trader with years of experience but are now looking to limit your exposure to the amount of hours you spend in front of a computer, this product will be suitable to you.

How does it work?

Well we can’t tell you the exact secrets behind the system but here it is in a nutshell.

The automatic trading system uses four programmed expert advisors and/or indicators collectively to make decisions on when to enter, leave or continue in its current course to trade the markets for both buy or sell trades. These expert advisors and/or indicators are;

These expert advisors and indicators work together in unison to act like a robotic trader during any market conditions.  There is a small amount of human oversight required but not much and it is a service which we offer free of charge anyway.

Which markets does the system work for?

We tend to trade currencies, commodities, CFD’s and Indices. Our live trades and test trades have delivered good results on all of these markets.

How much does it cost?

Well that depends on your requirements and needs. We tend to have different offers during certain times of the year so if you are interested then why not give us a call or send us a message to call you at a convenient time.

Though we are liberal in matters of minimum investment, we do recommend that you invest a minimum of between £500-£1000.

We do also offer a rolling month by month access to the system at a fee of £100 per month.

To purchase the Automatic Trading System for 1 year, please click the buy button below.

For further information and requirements please contact us.

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