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Why David Cameron Really Quit!

Written by Manny Sinder

As any economist, financial trader or hedge fund manager will know, if a country’s economy or currency ever hits turbulent times (like the GBP currently), the easiest and quickest way to restore confidence and kill off any negativity is to raise interest rates.

Higher interest rates are appealing to investors and savers alike as the demand for the currency goes up when those with money choose to start earning an income from the higher interest rates, but David Cameron or the Bank of England have not mentioned the possibility of raising rates, why?

They haven’t indicated they shall or could raise interest rates because they can’t. They can’t because since 2007/2008 the British Government has printed so much money (out of thin air) and accumulated so much debt as a consequence that they have resigned the British public to becoming subjects to their financial fraud.

You see, the current world financial system is as corrupt as can be. When most governments want to print money, they ask their respective central banks to do it for them, in Britain’s case, they ask the treasury and the Bank of England to deal with money printing and interest rate matters. In the USA, the responsibility falls on the Federal Reserve and both these centrals banks, like all in the west, are actually ‘private corporations’ who are hell bent on making money and this is how they are doing it.

Central banks print money on behalf of governments and then charge the same government an interest rate on every note for the trouble. The government in turn charges taxes to the public to pay back the interest charged by the central bank and so the debt spiral starts. David Cameron has been in power, he has kept interest rates low and printed more money than Britain can ever pay back. To makes things worse, the economy is in even worse shape.

So now that Britain needs to iron out any doubters by raising interest rates to stabilise the GBP, the government cannot do so because they have committed financial fraud by printing billions and giving it to the corporations during and since the 2008 credit crisis and by buying bonds and other securities through the pretence of stimulus measures to help the financial markets and their rich friends who make money from the financial markets. If the government was to raise the interest rate, the interest on the money the British government has already printed would become unaffordable. What we are describing here is market manipulation and fraud at its very pinnacle. And if you still think this is a free market system, you are an idiot.

Going back to central banks charging governments interest to print the nations money; this corrupt fiat system has always meant there was more interest payable on money than there was money to pay it and that very same interest which was created out of NOTHING by the central banks and each respective government has always known of this peril yet continued with this fraud. David Cameron and other ministers who have played part in this fraud over the years have always known there is and always has been, since the establishment of this fiat system, more debt than there is money and their willingness to create even more money is a route to financially enslave the public with debt which cannot be paid but easily blamed on situations such as a Brexit. Once you understand this, you understand the nature of the beast and why all the debt in the world can never be paid back fully and why governments keep raising taxes and lowering living standards. At the end of the day, it is the people that pay the price of such fraud, not the ministers who are given plenty of brown paper bags by lobbyists to vote in favour of proposed legislation.

David Cameron has resigned because he and his government have committed fraud by bailing out big corporations (and not the tax payer), keeping interests rates artificially low to create more money and by preventing the average Joe to earn interest on his or her hard earned money. As a consequence, this has pushed up asset prices to be beyond unaffordable which has only helped the banks and heir mortgage business. David Cameron knows he is a victim of his own stupidity and now that the people of Britain have chosen freedom and democracy away from the suppressive EU, he and his predecessors crimes shall be laid bare. So now he has quit.

A word to the wise. Be aware, these crimes will not be admitted by David Cameron or any other member of Government. Instead, they shall blame Brexit for the inevitable crash which we have been warning about since 2007 and has been on the horizon for even longer. A severe market correction (if not a crash) is coming and has been delayed and worsened by the market manipulation by western governments since 2007; but such manipulation can only delay such matters because no meddling has ever prevented a crash, it has only made it worse. History has shown us that.

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Manny Sinder

Manny Sinder is a professional trader, entrepreneur and author. All articles written by the author are solely his opinion and do not intend to vindicate any named person or institutions mentioned.

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