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How Did We Perform In The Markets? (9th May – 13th May 2016)

Written by Manny Sinder

Dear Trader,

Each week, we help traders all over the world place profitable trades via our professional paid subscription service. Whenever we decide to place a trade internally, we immediately send our professional members an alert, so they can see what we are trading that day.

At the end of each week, we document the activity for the week and publish our results so you can see for yourself how successful we have been.

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This was not the most active of trading weeks but our subscribers learnt one very important lesson, not to place a trade unless you are 200% sure that it is the right thing to do. Too many traders lose money when markets are not very active and this tends to lead the traders to start taking needless risks. Our trade of the week was Silver with 52 pips via our Automatic Trading System.

Total Number of PIPs accumulated (Spread betting and/or CFD’s): 79.3+ (not including 0.9 losses)

Total gains:  £792.00+ (losses £4.50) @ £10 per pip*

*Actual PIP (Price Per Pip) placed by Sinder Academy may differ from the representative amount of £10.00 per pip.

Trades places this week were: Gold (Buy), USDJPY (Sell), USDJPY (Buy), Gold (Sell), GBPJPY (Sell), NZDUSD (Sell), Silver (Buy).

The chart below is of our best trade of the week. All trades were placed in accordance with our Sinder M1 and/or Sinder Triple A Star Trading Strategies via our preferred spread-betting broker.

9-13 May 2016

We hope you have found this information informative.

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To your success

Manny Sinder

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