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Day trader rather than a stock trader

Written by Manny Sinder

Stocks are really only worth what you can sell them for in the market, or what they’ll pay you in dividends over time.  The problem with this is neither these are guaranteed. So when losses occur, you have two options, hold and gamble on the price to rise, or sell and count your losses. You can alternatively wait for extraordinary conditions and buy those stocks which have been drastically oversold providing your research and analysis is spot on. Or you can do what I prefer doing, day trading.

Most day traders fail at their objective for a number of reasons and often end up losing much of their capital. There is a number of reasons why this happens including their lack of understanding about the market conditions (and most courses fail to teach this), over reliance on technical indicators and/or candle chart patterns and not being able to cut any losses early in order to maximise profits (trading psychology).

A good trading strategy and indicator needs to advise the trader with the following;
– when to enter the market
– when to exit the market
– the type of market they are trading (bullish, bearish, etc)
– when the market has changed it course so the traded should be exited
– What political conditions are affecting which markets

If you have mastered these techniques in day trading then congratulations, you and I are one of very few individuals in the world who have achieved this. Day trading is of course risky but when you master the techniques then the financial awards are far more rewarding than any other type of trading. My energy and personality type is very much suited to day trading and when I realised how many people had tried and failed at mastering the task, it became an obsession to make sure I succeeded.

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