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Corporate Media Is Finally Catching Up With Our Predictions

Written by Manny Sinder

One of the earliest lessons I learned when I started off learning how to invest and trade the markets is that no ‘mainstream media’ portal such as a newspaper and TV channel has any idea what the markets will do in the future or what shall make a good investment for its audience. Mainstream media only regurgitate information which has already happened (historic) and normally, if anyone who is stupid enough to follow their ‘insight’, they would soon find the rally is over and the market is moving against them very quickly. The only genuine forecasters which I have come across are the likes of Gerald Celente, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards, Peter Schiff and Max Keiser. In fact, Mike Adams who is a health professional has had more financial predictions come true in the last few years than all the mainstream media combined.

In fact the last genuine prediction which I came across was 24 years ago during my university days when I picked up the UK’s leading financial newspaper in 1998. For clarification, a decent investment prediction should be months if not years before the investment reaches maturity (in my view) and this one prediction certainly hit that mark. The prediction was to buy property in China but in particular in Beijing for the forthcoming property boom. Though as a student I had zero investable funds, I always remembered that opportunity. In fact, that prediction inspired me to search and research investing opportunities to share with other people – for free.

I have for years made part of my regime to read all the mainstream financial and business pages as well as selected alternative sources and I can honestly say with my had on my heart that information which I have been able to use from ‘non’ mainstream sources over a given single month is more valuable, informative and accurate than reading all the mainstream sources collectively since 1998. My advice is that if you want to have a record of a biased and historical record of information and events, then you know you can watch the TV, read the standard rags and listen to the same old commentary which never makes you rich – or you can read websites like this one and move towards the future.

One of my favourite long term predictions has to be investment in agricultural land for the single purpose of growing food. I do have a unfair advantage over many as I am from a farming family and to this day I have running interests in the industry. My underlying reason for the bright future of this industry is food. To be more exact, food shortage in comparative to expanding urban populations. Some of the articles which I have written can be found here:
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Mainstream media has finally caught up with my view and started to report on the positive future of agriculture be it only in a negative sense – ie food shortage scare mongering and support for genetically modified food (aka poison) – I suppose it is better to be 10 years late than never to report something at all.

The truth of that matter is this; ever since the worlds population started on the path of leaving behind farming lifestyles in favour of the fast city lifestyle, the cost of food has been rising and so has farm land around the world. The newer generations have no knowledge how to grow a plant in their back garden let alone plant vegetables for the whole family. Indirectly, they empower supermarkets.

Even local councils and governments indirectly increase the cost of food by planting and maintaining useless hedges, grass areas and parks when in fact they could easily plant fruit bearing plants and trees which could feed the local population for free or at least the homeless and the hungry.

As inflation begins to take hold around the world, particularly in Europe, Britain and the US, a smart person will notice the steady rise of prices across the board but in particular in food cost. Some corporations have already been affected so much that they have reduced the amounts they are selling in each package. And though buyers feel they are getting something cheaper, they are in fact getting less product per gram than ever before and therefore paying more.

Do yourself a favour and buy some land and plant some food or at least a fruit tree in your front and/or back garden.

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